Lake Country Officials
This is your contract, you are expected to officiate these games.  Click
to download a copy of this schedule.

If you are unable to referee, you are responsible for finding a substitute,
contacting the  athletic director to inform him/her of the change, and your
scheduled partner.  If you have questions about this schedule, please
Chuck Delsman.
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2017 AMSAC Girls Schedule
All Games start at 4:30 p.m.

Tue, Oct. 17              Stone Bank - Amy and Bob Siesennop
                             Lake Country (3) - Casper and Buettner
                             North Shore - Smith and Coppinger

Wed, Oct. 18           Stone Bank – Joe Siesennop and Schaefer
                            Swallow - Delsman and Tiefenthaler
                            Merton - Howard and Destache

Thur, Oct. 19          Richmond - Stocker and Cardo
                           Merton (3) - Simonis and Metz

Mon, Oct. 23           Swallow - Bob and Joe Siesennop
                          Merton - Osborne and Dennis Kemnitz
                          Lake Country (3) - Backhaus and Tiefenthaler
                          North Shore - Buettner and Uebersohn

Tue, Oct. 24           Lake Country - Delsman and Howard
                          Friess Lake - Kloth and Eckert
                          Richmond - Tindall and Pierson
                          North Lake - Tiefenthaler and Plahmer
                         North Shore - Osborne and Cardo

Wed, Oct. 25        Richmond   - Sojkowski and Casper
                         North Shore - Coppinger and Smith
                         Swallow - Dennis Kemnitz and Stocker

Mon, Oct. 30        Erin (3)  Tim Kemnitz and Dennis Kemnitz
                        Lake Country - Pierson and Backhaus
                        Swallow  - Howard and Metz
                        North Shore - Tindall and Destache

Tue, Oct. 31       Swallow - Uebersohn and Simonis

Wed, Nov. 1        North Lake - Delsman and Schaefer
                       Erin - Tim Kemnitz and Stocker
                       North Shore - Whelan and Simonis
                       Merton - Kloth and Eckert
                       Swallow - Sojkowski and Buettner

Mon, Nov. 6        Friess Lake - Kloth and Eckert
                      Lake Country (3)  - Casper and Lewis
                      Richmond - Osborne and Tindall
                      North Shore (3) - Metz and Cardo

Tue, Nov. 7         Erin (3) - Dennis Kemnitz and Plahmer
                       Swallow (3) - Sojkowski and Schaefer
                       Merton - Howard and Destache

Wed, Nov. 8        North Lake - Schaefer and Plahmer
                       Swallow - Delsman and Casper
                       North Shore - Smith and Coppinger

Thur, Nov. 9         Stone Bank (3) - Tiefenthaler and Metz
                        Richmond - Pierson and Osborne
                        Swallow (3) - Whelan and Simonis
                        Erin - Stocker and Tim Kemnitz

Mon. Nov 13       Stone Bank -  Bob Siesennop and Tindall
                       Friess Lake - Kloth and Eckert
                       Swallow -       Uebersohn and Tiefenthaler
                       Merton -        Budisch and Duffy

Tue, Nov. 14       Swallow (3) - Amy and Joe Siesennop
                       Stone Bank -   Casper and Destache
                       Richmond (3) - Simonis and Buettner
                       North Shore -  Smith and Coppinger

Wed, Nov. 15       North Lake - Delsman and Amy Siesennop

Thur, Nov. 16      North Lake -Buettner and Metz
                       Friess Lake - Backhaus and Dennis Kemnitz
                       Erin (3) - Amy and Joe Siesennop

Mon, Nov. 20       Richmond - Delsman and Uebersohn
                       North Lake (3) - Cardo and Sojkowski
                       North Shore - Duffy and Tindall
                       Merton (3) - Buettner and Stocker

Tue, Nov. 21          North Shore – Delsman and Joe Siesennop
                         North Lake (3) - Uebersohn and Tiefenthaler
                         Friess Lake - Kloth and Eckert
                        Merton - Budisch and Buettner

Mon, Nov. 27          Stone Bank - Tiefenthaler and Howard
                          Swallow - Casper and Uebersohn
                          Merton - Whelan and Lewis

Tue, Nov. 28          North Lake -  Delsman and Destache
                         Erin - Howard and Plahmer
                         Swallow (3) - Simonis and Metz

Wed, Nov. 29       Lake Country - Amy and Joe Siesennop
                        Stone Bank - Lewis and Simonis
                        North Shore - Schaefer and Smith

Thurs, Nov. 30     North Lake - Amy and Bob Siesennop