Lake Country Officials
Reviewed & Approved September 2015

1.        All teams will follow the National Federation Rules.
2.        The AMSAC Basketball Program is restricted to students who are in
the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade levels.  Fourth (4th) graders are not
allowed to play on any 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade teams. If a school is found
to be potentially short of players for an upcoming regular conference game
do to temporary / unforeseen circumstances, every attempt should be
made to play the game.  The first option is to move players up from the
lower grade for that game.  The second option would be to move players
from another team in the same grade.  As a courtesy, the athletic director
of the school initiating a roster change should contact the other school
involved in the game about the situation.
3.        If a school desires to enter multiple teams at any grade levels the
following league policy is in effect.   At the 5th, 6th, and 7th grade levels it is
expected that schools will split teams as evenly as possible.  There are no
A-Teams or B-Teams at the 5th, 6th, and 7th grade levels.  At the 8th
grade level the league will provide an A-Team schedule and a B-Team
schedule.  It is recommended that if a school is entering two or more 8th
grade teams that the split should be on an A-Team and B-Team basis.
4.        Home teams will be responsible for all game equipment.  The home
team will provide an equal number of practice balls for the visiting team.
5.        The Conference will contract with the Lake Country Officials
Association to have two (2) WIAA certified officials scheduled for all games.  
6.        Schools are permitted to schedule non-conference games within the
regularly scheduled length of the AMSAC season.
7.        Intramural activities are approved prior to the start of the season.  
These activities are not to be team practices.  Schools should not be
playing organized games, scrimmages, or practices with other schools,
leagues, or teams.
8.        All games will consist of four (4), six (6), minute quarters.
9.        It is expected that all teams will have a minimum of ten (10) minutes
for warm-up, regardless of whether or not the game schedule is running
behind scheduled start times.
10.        Half-time will be five (5) minutes.
11.        Each team will be granted three (3) full timeouts, and two (2) thirty
(30) second timeouts per regulation game.
12.        Overtimes will be three (3) minutes.
13.        Each team will be granted one additional timeout per overtime
14.        Fifth and sixth boys/girls can attempt free throws from 13 or 15
feet.  It is the coach’s/player’s discretion as to which line they choose.  It is
required that each school provide a 13’ line for free throws.  It is deemed a
free throw line violation when the player attempting the free throw touches
or goes over the 13’ before the ball makes contact with the rim, regardless
of whether they use the 15’ or 13’ line.
15.        Fifth and sixth grade boys/girls and 7th and 8th grade girls shall
use the 28.5 size ball.
16.        Fifth and sixth grade boys and girls can press in the last two
minutes of the half, game, and the entire overtime.
17.        Seventh and eight grade boys and girls can press anytime.
18.        If a team has a lead of 10 points or greater at the 5th and 6th
grade levels, no press can be used.
19.        If a team has a lead of 15 points or greater at the 7th and 8th
grade levels, no press can be used.
20.        Three (3) point baskets are in effect at all grade levels.
21.        There shall be no players in the locker room, or warming up on the
floor without a coach present in the same locker room or gym as the team.
22.        There should not be anyone on the game floor during the halftime.  
Only game participants of the current game should be warming up during
the halftime.
23.        A player can only play in one grade level AMSAC tournament, i.e.,
a player can’t play at the 7th grade AMSAC tournament and then play at
the 8th grade level tournament.  This includes all grade levels.
24.        Undershirt rule.  If you have team members choosing to wear a t-
shirt under their respective official team jersey, the t-shirt can be either
white or the same shaded color of the official team jersey, i.e., a navy blue
jersey should have a navy blue t-shirt or a white t-shirt.  A navy blue jersey
should not be coupled with a Columbia blue t-shirt.
25.        AMSAC Basketball Tournament Seeding
(It is a priority of the conference that seeding is established in time to
communicate to parents, coaches, players and other interested parties the
game schedule.)
a.        Records will be reported to the host school Athletic Director 1-2
weeks before the tournament begins on a date established by the
conference Athletic Directors.
b.        Teams will be seeded based on winning percentage. Ties will be
resolved by the tournament host school.
c.        If participating schools do not turn in records for seeding on the date
established, the tournament host school will seed the team based on their
common knowledge.
d.        As detailed in bylaw #27, communication of concerns on
tournaments regarding seeding is to be done between athletic directors.  If
an inquiry is received by a tournament-hosting athletic director from a
parent or coach of another school, that parent is to be re-directed back to
their school’s athletic director.
26.        The appendices to the bylaws will include standard brackets to be
used for all AMSAC basketball tournaments.
27.        Parent communication with other member school’s authorities
(Athletic Director, Administration, Coaches) on athletic-related issues (e.g.
tournament seeding) must be done through the parent’s school’s athletic
director or administration.  Athletic directors or administration receiving
inquiries on athletic issues from other conference schools’ parents are to
refer the parent to their school’s athletic director.
28.        Open Gyms:
AMSAC bylaws allow schools to conduct “open gyms” in any activity.  
Coaches and schools cannot be involved in out-of-season practice for
athletes.  However, open gyms do not violate these bylaws if they are
conducted according to the following guidelines:
a.        The open gym is open to any student in the designated population
of that school that is interested in attending.  Open gyms may be gender
specific.  It is also acceptable to include people from the community.
b.        There is no instruction during the open gym by a coach or anyone
c.        Coaches may supervise open gyms, but they may not instruct,
organize drills, etc.
d.        There is no organized competition, such as established teams
participating in round-robin competition, etc. during open gym.
The philosophy of open gym is students from that school may attend for
wholesome recreation, or for purposes of improving their skills, but it’s
something they do on their own.  It would be a violation of AMSAC bylaws to
mandate attendance at open gyms, or to provide incentives for athletes to
attend open gyms, or to limit participation based on athletic status, or to
allow athletes from other schools to come and work out or compete against
the host school’s athletes.
29.        If a school has more than 1 team in a sport at the same grade level
for a gender, they are allowed to conduct a skills assessment for forming
teams prior to the official start date of the season.  The skills assessment
period is for a maximum of 2 days and must be overseen by the school’s
athletic director.  The school must establish the assessment period and
communicate it to the member schools’ athletic directors.
30.        There is no AMSAC rule about zone defense.
31.        Each coach is required to attend a coaches training session once
every two years.  This training is organized by the AMSAC conference in
coordination with AHS coaches. Only those coaches or non-rostered team
personnel (i.e. coaches, managers, assistants, scorekeepers, stats takers,
children, etc.) that have attended the training will be permitted to sit on the
bench for games. The number of non-rostered team personnel on the
bench is limited to a maximum of three (3) individuals.
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